Need a Tutor Service Fees and Pricing

April 1st 2017

For Tutors

The great news for Tutors is there are no fees charged to you. You set your own price for the sessions you offer. Need a Tutor add 20% to your session price, round up to the nearest dollar and this total is the price displayed on our exclusive Tutor Board™ and charged to the learner.

Need a Tutor does not charge any subscription or membership fees to Tutors.

Why is there a 20% fee?

This fee will be used to maintain and update technology, build new features and ensure security on our platform.

How much is the service fee?


Example: Session fee $35 set by Tutor. Fee posted to Tutor Board™ $42 (plus GST if applicable)

The Tutor receives $35

A fee of $7 paid to Need a Tutor.

For Learners

When you book a session with your Tutor, you pay the price you see on the Tutor Board™.

A service fee of 20% is included in this session price (and GST if applicable)

Once you have booked a session payment is required by Credit Card. This payment will be held in Escrow until the booked session has been completed.

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